• About VIISA


    The Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator (VIISA) is an accelerator program in partnership with leading corporations. VIISA will invest $6 million to build global-ready startups in Vietnam


    With a fast growing middle class, increasing digital penetration, high literacy rate and technical talent in Vietnam, we believe entrepreneurs can take advantage of the opportunities and

    change the world from Vietnam!

  • Program


    Shortlisted Startups will be invited into VIISA's Pre-acceleration program.

    Your team will dive into customer discovery and validate your assumptions and prove problem-solution fit.



    Phase 1 - Build

    VIISA will then make a final assessment of the teams before finalizing the shortlisted companies to attend the acceleration program located in Ho Chi Minh City.


    Startups will work on vision setting, learning to pitch, learning about legal matters and building out their minimal viable product.


    Phase 2 - Measure

    Startups will be working on their Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Pirate Metrics, learning about B2C/B2B sales and how to do user testing and research.


    Phase 3 - Growth

    Startups will be testing the traction channels for growth, learning about building their brand, fundraising mechanics and prepare for their final Demo Day.

  • Our Partners

    Dragon Capital VIISA

    Provides expertise in financing and investment, plus a wide corporate network

    Provides global networks that includes investors, thought leadership for start-ups interested in expanding their business overseas

    Banking Partner


    2 years of AWS credits (up to $15,000 total) or 1 year of credits (up to $100,000)
    and more!

    Asia Counsel- VIISA's Legal Partner

    Legal Partner

    hubspot for VIISA

    90% Scholarship on HubSpot's Growth Stack Software (CRM, Marketing and Sales)


    Startup Event Partner


    A team of remote students to work on a digital project for 6 weeks


    $50 of credits on Designs.net

    FREE logo design service worth $200


    90-day access to unlimited download


    $50 of credits to spend on 123rf

    Startup Brunei

    Accelerator Partner

    in Brunei

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