• VIISA Batch 1

    VIISA Batch 1 graduated on 11 April 2017 with an Investment Day Pitch to over 130+ Investors, Corporate Partners and Mentors at the Hard Rock Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City.


    A mobile app that helps motorists discover and book repairs and services from reliable workshops through their mobile app.


    A legal platform that helps companies and individuals get legal advice and help through a prepaid package and a toll-free number.


    A mobile app that allows you to list, discover and buy things from people around you quickly, reliably and securely.


    SAAS that helps online sellers optimize visual merchandising through their product analysis platform.

    Butterfly Salon

    Transforming beauty through data science, computer vision and AI. Users find fashion and get the latest haircut for that best matches their looks.


    A mobile app with a subscription plan. For 6 million VND per month, members get to enjoy a bottle of spirits or wine, every single night, at quality bars and restaurants.


    A mobile app that provides you access to more than 300+ gyms and fitness classes in Vietnam with their monthly subscription plan.

    VIISA Batch 2

    VIISA Batch 2 graduated on 25 October 2017 with an Investment Day pitch to over 100 investors, corporate partners, mentors, and community members at the Hard Rock Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City.


    Speaker: Brian Letwin, Co-founder & CEO

    Media platform with hyper-local content that is looking to replicate its success abroad.

    Ella Study

    Speaker: Do Xuan Khoa, Co-founder & CEO

    Online platform helping Vietnamese students with global study.

    CID Auto


    Speaker: Raymond Min Ho-Kee, Co-founder & CEO

    Video-first mobile car sales platform.

    Authentic Guards

    Speaker: Muqsith Ahmadi, Co-founder & CEO

    Protecting brands against counterfeit products using proprietary technology.



    Speaker: Pham Hung Phong, Co-founder & CEO

    Building e-solutions for apartment and building management.



    Speaker: Germain Blanchet, Founder & CEO
    On-demand concierge delivery service that takes you from order to delivery.


    Speaker: Hyosub Lee, Founder & CEO

    AI-based emoji solution helping mobile messengers improve user engagement.



    Speaker: Yaroslav Osetrov, Co-founder & CEO

    Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service for dental practices.


    Speaker: Dang Cao Nam, Co-founder

    Feeding the world with sustainable protein using proprietary IoT technology.


    Speaker: Khanh Chau (Jillian) Tran, Business Development Manager

    Online platform to train job seekers with professional development.



    Speaker: Clemens Leverts, Co-founder & CMO

    Connecting sports enthusiasts with sports facilities.

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