• VIISA Pre-Accelerator Week 2

    LEVEL UP! You have now completed Week 1 of our Pre-Accelerator Program!

    Week 2. Understanding Your Business

    In every business that you are about to venture on, it is best to understand your business.

    To start off, a good place to start is by asking probing questions.



    2. Risks vs Assumptions
    Ideas vs Data

    Task 1:

    - Risk Identification

    - 2x2 Priortization

    For any startup, you are navigating in the realm of uncertainty.
    Start by identifying the biggest risks surrounding your business


    3. Running Experiments

    Task 2:

    - Selection of Experiments

    Top ways of running your experiments

    • Concierge MVP
    • Mechanical Turk
    • ImposterJudo
    • Analog/Physical
    • Dry Wallet
    • High Hurdle
    • Video Trailers
    What could be the top experiments for your business? Why?


    4. Problem-Solution Fit and MVP

    5. Customer Discovery

    Task 3:

    - Customer Discovery Interview

    • Designing interview script
    • Crafting Problem Interviews

    6. Problem Statement

    Office Hours

    • After completing your the tasks, book a call with your coach here 
    • Calls will be done on appear.in/viisa
    • Do let us know if you have not been added into our Community Slack group
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