• VIISA Pre-Accelerator Week 3

    BOSS LEVEL! You have now completed Week 2 of our Pre-Accelerator Program!

    Week 3. Early Adopters

    Who is it?

    Early adopters are the first users of your product. These early users get exclusive and usually advantageous access to your new product, but in turn they act as your guinea pigs and have to deal with an unfinished and sometimes buggy product. They play an essential role in providing candid and substantial feedback to help you get your product from its unrefined early stages into something that the everyday user can use.




    2. Define

    Task 1:

    • Define your early adopters,
    • Distinguish who your users are (are you developing a B2B, B2C platform)
    • Define your customer segment.


    Your first early adopter personas will be a hypothesis, an educated guess, which you will discover to be accurate or false in your interviews.

    Persona development can help you to:

    • Define/describe a very specific early adopter segment in which you want to monopolise quickly
    • Make your lean canvas more customer-centric and less solution-centric
    • Form a compelling story (pitching purposes)
    • Make design decisions

    3. Early Adopters Persona

    Task 2:

    - Fill in Early Adopters Persona

    Office Hours

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    • Calls will be done on appear.in/viisa
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