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What is VIISA?

The Vietnam Innovative Startups Accelerator (VIISA), co-founded by FPT Ventures and Dragon Capital, is an accelerator program and seed-stage fund that invests $6 million to build global-ready startups in Vietnam. With a fast-growing middle class, increasing digital penetration, high literacy rate & technical talent in Vietnam, we believe entrepreneurs can take advantage of these opportunities and change the world starting from Vietnam.

Your Responsibilities

  • Work closely with VIISA portfolio companies to develop high-level business/fundraising strategies and introduce other entrepreneurs and potential new deals;
  • Communicate frequently with VIISA's Program Manager with informative knowledge about the companies' progress and development;
  • Provide startups with access to any if not all of the following: (i) Potential Investment; (ii) Corporate Governance; (iii) Regulatory Comprehension; (iv) Technological Advancement.

Your Benefits

  • From VIISA: office space, administrative support, business card and even a stipend (if needed);
  • From startups: potential equity through advisory service; possibly investing in their next round of funding.
  • From VIISA's network: access to key contacts within VIISA's circle, including investors, corporate leaders, officials, etc