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VIISA Acceleration Program

What to expect

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Pre-Accelerator (Online)

All shortlist applicants will be attend a 30-day accelerator program to prove that your team have what it takes to scale up your business. The program will consist of a series of videos, homework, followed by video call with the VIISA program manager each week. 

The aim of the pre-accelerator program is to for your team to do customer discovery and validate your assumptions and prove that you have problem-solution fit.

Content to be covered:

  • What is a lean startup?
  • Lean Canvas
  • Customer Discovery
    • Problem Interviews
    • Building a Minimal Viable Product
    • Solution Interviews
    • Running Validation Experiments

All participants will dive into the fundamentals of the lean startup methodology. 

We want to see that your team has what it takes to “Get out of the building!”

VIISA will then make a final assessment of the teams before finalizing the shortlisted companies to attend the acceleration program located in Ho Chi Minh City.

Acceleration Program

Shortlisted teams in the acceleration program are expected to commit full time to living and working out of Ho Chi Minh City.

Your goal for is to prove to investors that you have repeatable, scalable, business at the end of 3 months during Demo Day . As Steve Blank puts it, you need to work up the Investment Readiness Level.

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A typical week in an acceleration program will consists of:

Individual Check-Ins with Program Manager

  • Program Manager will work individually with the teams understand the objectives and key results they aim to achieve each week

Batch Check-Ins

  • All startups will attend check-in each week to share about what they have done and learnt

Mentor Sessions

  • Each week, specialists mentors will conduct a one-hour session followed by one-on-ones with relevant startups
  • Topics could range from digital marketing, information architecture, business development, etc depending on the schedule and availability of the mentors

Pitching Practice

  • Each Friday, all startups with work with a pitching coach to  their pitches from Week 0 till Demo Day. 
  • It could range from a private session or one with investors, the goal is to practice, get feedback, and practice some more!

Speaking to Customers

  • VIISA prefers a bias for action. We want our startups to be out there talking to customers and learning from them.