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VIISA names 3 startups in its fourth Accelerator batch

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Launched in January 2017 by FPT Ventures and Dragon Capital, VIISA has become one of the most prestigious startup accelerators in Vietnam. After three batches, VIISA has graduated 22 startups with some highlighted successes such as WeFit, UrBox, WisePass, CyHome,... Top 5 startups of VIISA increase revenue by 10 times, build networks with over 1,300 partners in 5 countries and more than 13,000 monthly active users.

VIISA Accelerator Program Batch 4 continues riding this wave by setting the bar for early-stage startups. Selected out of dozens of applications, the programme shortlisted 3 startups to join its latest batch, with a focus on the Business-to-Business (B2B) technologies.

VIISA announced 3 startups selected for its fourth Accelerator Program

“The global trend of startups currently shifts toward developing the B2B technologies. One of the challenges for B2B startups is that their users are familiar with behaving and working in traditional pattern and it is difficult for them to change. Therefore, B2B startups have to face more complicated issues and take more time to solve the pain points. It's hard, but we are excited to work with our startups this batch for the next 3 months!", commented Mr. Tran Huu Duc, CEO of VIISA and Director of FPT Ventures.

VIISA Accelerator Program Batch 4 includes three startups:

  1. SecurityBox: Offer optimal solutions to overcome all risks and problems of the cybersecurity. 
  2. InnKom: An easy-to-use application helps shoppers find perfect positions, specific brands, indoor navigation.
  3. Goong: A mobile map platform helps you to quickly reach places, facilitates the process of going out as well as keeping track of your loved ones.

The three-month program provides participating startups with 15.000 USD in cash plus an undisclosed amount of services such as co-working space, Amazon Web Services, HubSpot, Google Cloud, Mapbox, Zendesk....; direct access to corporate partners such as FPT, Dragon Capital,...; participate in VIISA Investment Day to have the chance of pitching before more than 100 investors from over the world.

“In creating this Accelerator program, we do not look to reinvent the wheel or teach the founders how to run their businesses. These founders are already some of the best experts in whichever industry they operate in. As an accelerator, we take it on ourselves to help them crystalize these skills and experiences into a solid investment pitch, with which they can successfully raise from both local and regional investors.”, said Mr. Leo Pham, Program Manager of VIISA.

The program syllabus includes three main areas: Validating assumptions and prove product-market fit; learning the techniques to strategize for their future growth plans; preparing their investment pitches and storytelling skills for VIISA Investment Day and further interaction with potential investors.

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Mr. Hieu Vo, CFO of VIISA and Associate Director of Dragon Capital, concludes by setting out the challenge for VIISA moving forward: “Vietnam has always possessed most of the required essentials for fast-growing startups including broad technical talent pool or plenty of resilient business founders. Through VIISA program, we hope we could build and address the need of a meaningful and trusted place to nurture startup team, grow the business!”, said Mr. Hieu Vo.

Startups in Batch 4 are expected to graduate marked by the Investment Day scheduled for December 2018. The Investment Day will be comprised of startup pitches from Batch 4 and portfolio companies, presenting more than 100 investors, mentors, corporate partners from over the globe!

Long “Leo” PHAM
Program Manager, VIISA
+84 969 111 472