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VIISA graduates Batch 2 with 11 Startups on Investment Day

11 startups with founders of 11 nationalities

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VIISA graduates Batch 2 with 11 startups on Investment Day

Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator (VIISA) Batch 2 graduates with 11 startups at Investment Day on 25 October 2017. Held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City, over 100 investors, corporate partners and mentors attended the event.

“To our surprise, VIISA has become known in the region in a short time. The 11 teams in batch 2 come from 11 nationalities. This is testament to the hard work and support from our start-up founders, government officials and corporate partners. I am excited for the journey up ahead for our portfolio.”

Dr LE Hoang Anh,

Chairman of VIISA &

Managing Partner of Dragon Capital

VIISA graduates Batch 2 startups in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Over the last three months, the startups were mentored by prominent venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in the region. They worked hard to get their product-market fit right and prove that they have a scalable, repeatable business model. The teams got to work up close with investors such as Spiral Ventures (Japan), office hours mentorship with the Startup Ecosystem team from Amazon Web Services, the CFO of Microsoft Vietnam and the likes.

“We are deeply encouraged to see the support from local and foreign investors for our startups. Our Batch 2 builds on the momentum that our founding partners FPT, Dragon Capital and Hanwha has started. We are looking forward to Batch 3."

Mr Tran Huu Duc

VIISA CEO, Head of FPT Ventures

VIISA also saw 2 startups from batch 1 raise funding after Investment Day. Wisepass raised $400,000 in seed funding led by Expara Ventures. VIISA also follow-on the round with a $100,000 investment. Wefit raised a round of $150,000 from ESP Capital and VIISA.

”I am delighted about the diversity of Batch 2 startups. The foreign teams were able to expand their business in Vietnam while helping Vietnamese companies with global insights. This is a step forward for the ecosystem."

Mr Sangyeop Kang,

Investment Officer,

Hanwha Investment

The 11 startups include:

  1. SAIGONEER (Vietnam) Provide local brands with a rare trustworthy platform to share their narratives and services with unique and highly desirable audience.

  2. CRICKETONE (Vietnam) Feeding the world with sustainable protein using proprietary IoT technology.

  3. MARKETOI (Vietnam) On-demand concierge delivery service that takes you from order to delivery.

  4. CYFEER (Vietnam) Building e-solutions for apartment and building management.

  5. DENTAL TAP (Ukraine) Cloud-based software-as-a-service for dental practices.

  6. AUTHENTIC GUARDS (Indonesia) Protecting brands against counterfeit products using proprietary technology.

  7. MOJITOK (South Korea) Third-party smart AI that helps reads emotions and converts text to stickers

  8. ELLA STUDY (Vietnam) Online platform connecting Vietnamese students with alumni for overseas universities placement consultations.

  9. CID AUTO (South Korea) Video-first mobile car sales platform.

  10. INTERVIEWAPP (Vietnam) Online platform to train jobseekers with professional development.

  11. WESPORT (Vietnam) Connecting sports enthusiasts with sports facilities.

VIISA invested US$30,000 ($15,000 cash and $15,000 in-kind) into each company and provides technical resources, office accommodation and access to more than 100+ world class mentors and investors. Promising teams will also get up to of $200,000 of follow-on funding.


VIISA’s Batch 3 will start in January 2018. The call for applications opens today.