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VIISA kick-started its

Acceleration Program Batch 6

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After 2 months of opening for application, VIISA received over 100 applications for the acceleration program. The total number of applications has increased by more than 20% compared to previous in-take. Also, for this latest batch of acceleration, VIISA applied a new methodology on the process of filtering and selecting startups. A minimum of 4 hours was spent for each startup which includes at least 2 face-to-face interviews with VIISA’s management team in order to get as much understanding as possible about their businesses.

After all aspects considered and fair terms agreed, 5 potential startups from various sectors (traveltech, edtech, e-commerce, fintech) join VIISA on the 3-month program journey.

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VIISA announced 5 startups selected for its sixth batch of Acceleration Program

A short introduction of the 5 startups joining VIISA Acceleration Program Batch 6 in September 2019:

  1. BeeKrowd is an equity crowdfunding platform that supports startups on fundraising and makes the privilege of investing in startup come true for small investors. BeeKrowd strongly believes that besides traditional ways of fundraising (angels, VCs, sharks...), a new approach like equity crowdfunding has a huge potential in Vietnam. 
  2. BoxShop is a tech-driven O2O platform for fashion helping emerging local brands to display and sale design clothing in inspired boutiques. BoxShop gathers them to one-place and built-up a system to manage all activities from warehouse to point-of-sale. BoxShop will do PR, marketing to reach more consumers and help local brands sell their products from offline to online. BoxShop is a modern fashion marketplace for women. 
  3. EcomEasy is a leading E-commerce solutions company whose focus is on continually finding new ways to make e-commerce easier and more successful. ECE's integrated capabilities encompass all aspects of the E-commerce value chain covering IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, customer services, warehousing and fulfillment.
  4. Hachium is an e-learning platform that helps instructors create websites to teach & sell online courses in 10 minutes without programming skills.
  5. TripHunter is an automatic Trip Planning Platform for Free Independent Travelers to build their personalized itineraries in minutes and book all-in-one. The travelers just select their destinations, travel time and interests, then they will get optimized & personalized trip plans. TripHunter is positioned as the must-have application providing a massive database of travel information to help travelers explore anywhere in Vietnam, and the world.

The VIISA Acceleration Program Batch 6 marks major upgrades of the program structure while maintaining the core factors which were long believed as VIISA’s most valuable value in accelerating startups’ growth.

The three-month program provides participating startups with investment in cash plus an undisclosed amount of supporting services such as co-working space, Amazon Web Services, HubSpot, Google Cloud, Mapbox, Zendesk,etc..

VIISA also commits to referring startups to resourceful local corporate partners (for e.g: FPT, Dragon Capital,etc..), cultivating cutting-edge practices and principles to help companies thrive for as many meaningful tractions as possible and connecting founders with potential investors who might join their journey to support them achieve greater milestones further down the road.

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Startups pitching in Batch 6 Launch Party

Finally, startups that graduate from VIISA Acceleration Program will stand a chance to get a follow-on funding of up to $200,000 from VIISA Investment Track when they secure a new round of funding from other investors.

“Batch 6 marks our 3-year anniversary running acceleration program. We witness a better-structured curriculum and more refined content where founders and their businesses are the core focus of the program. This new approach has enabled us to support the right startups with appropriate growth stages. We truly aim to raise the bar of standard for our program management team one more time. Let’s all hope for another successful acceleration batch of VIISA.” said Mr. Hieu Vo, Program Director and Board Member of VIISA.

VIISA is expecting to showcase its Batch 6 startups in the signature Investment Day event which is scheduled for early December 2019. Investment Day will bring startup pitches from Batch 6 and some portfolio companies, presenting to more than 100 investors, mentors, corporate partners from all over the globe!

At the closing speech, Mr. Duc Tran, CEO of VIISA officially called for startups to participate in the Acceleration Program Batch 7 on VIISA’s website: VIISA Acceleration Program Batch 7 is expected to launch in spring 2020.


Established in January 2017 by FPT Ventures and Dragon Capital, VIISA is an acceleration program and seed-stage fund that invests to build global-ready startups from Vietnam. After 5 batches, there have been 28 graduates with some highlighted names such as WeFit, UrBox, WisePass,, VDes... which have created more than 350 jobs and raised a total committed US$5 million from other investors.



Phuc Nguyen (Mr.)
Senior Program Manager, VIISA

Trang Vu (Ms.)
Program Coordinator, VIISA