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WeFit CEO Khoi Nguyen talks about WeFit’s culture.

Wefit - Vietnam leading fitness experience,  is a mobile application providing the new best fitness experience in Vietnam. Our vast partner network allows Wefit users to experience finding and practicing in hundreds of gym located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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Anytime and anywhere, with only some simple touches on your smartphone, you can find a training schedule that fits you the best, with a variety of fitness activities (yoga, Zumba, boxing, gym, etc) in the closest gym to you and of the highest quality.

“From the moment I started, I was the one who had to work with big guys in the world like California, Elite Fitness ... We went to gyms, met the receptionist and left the card. After several unsuccessful contacts, more than half a year later when Wefit began to have a brand, the brand actively sought us. ”

“Startup must make something completely new, risky. Opening a cafe cannot turn someone into Mark Zuckerberg but must have a breakthrough."
Shared by Khoi Nguyen - CEO WeFit

Wefit so far had initial success when connecting more than 600 partners in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with more than 5,000 customers. Currently, Wefit only operates in Vietnam market but Khoi always incubates bringing this platform internationally.

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Currently, the average age of Wefit employees is around 24-25, some of them under 20 years old. Despite their lack of experience and bravery, young people are enthusiastic and hardworking, suitable to the technology working environment.

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Besides training knowledge and skills, the biggest thing that WeFit wants to create for you is an environment that can be tried wrong, not afraid of failure, not afraid to do wrong. Since then training the bravery so that when having a bigger problem, there is a way to face it.