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Entrepreneurship is getting easier with online learning program - Y Combinator

The fact is that, if you weren't currently working on a startup, you could find it is so hard to participate in any startup program. Now luckily, we find Y Combinator.

In helping active entrepreneurs develop their businesses, Startup School has been incredibly popular, supporting over 140,000 founders since 2017. With online curriculum, Y Combinator help entrepreneurs personally focusing on developing their businesses, opening the Entrepreneurship School for aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in launching a business in the future.

Thousands of lessons and guidance ranging from how to get started, how to talk to uers and how to find suitable share market-tested entrepreneurship advice are all available on Y combinator Program. In order to put these lessons into motion, high-impact exercises are developed addressing key early topics such as creating successful startup ideas, finding or vetting a co-founder and validating the project with prospective customers.

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Startup School will even assist you when you're ready to take the next step and actually start working on a project. There are thousands of entrepreneurs constantly searching for a co-founder right now, meaning talented potential founders won't even need to come up with their own. So, in order to take advantage of our partner offers, frequent updates, community workshops and extended program, Y Combinator is to be launching its community's co-founder matching program, making a better place for founders to exploit their potential. Prospective Founder members will move to an involved founder profile at any time!

Y Combinator program will start on 9th October 2020. If you’re interested in starting a startup someday, or know someone who is, sign up for Startup School, Y Combinator would be a good choice.

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