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On May 4th 2021, Base, one of VIISA portfolio startups held the Technology Industry Blockbuster Event with the participation of special guests. The event marked an important milestone in the development of this SaaS platform in Vietnam. 

At the event, announced their strategic cooperation with Vietnamese technology giant FPT Corporation under a non-disclosure M&A deal. This cooperation promises to bring optimal, improved and perfect corporate governance solutions to widely disseminate in Vietnam and the world. 

Established in August 2016, is known to be one of the pioneers in the field of building a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business management platform in Vietnam. The solutions from range from work and performance management, information and communication management, human management and development to customer and business management. In more than one application, these solutions are grouped to solve different enterprise problems. Unique and easy to use with high performance, is currently trusted by more than 5,000 customers including top corporates as well as a large number of SMEs in Vietnam. To date, is perceived to be the number 1 enterprise platform with 5 million launched projects, 13 million monthly used times and created 12 million jobs. 

Accompanied by VIISA at pre-seed stage and follow on funding at seed stage, with the continuous support in terms of business development and fundraising. consecutively brought back proud titles. The platform has received many honors awards in the category of digital transformation where “Outstanding Digital Platform” at "Make in Vietnam Digital Product" in 2020 is an example. is the third startup under VIISA portfolio that we officially witnessed their the next step of the meaningful journey with new investors. After nearly 5 years of actively supporting startups in Vietnam, VIISA has invested in 40 companies in both forms: direct investment and through an acceleration program. In which, Urbox, The Bank, Goong, iSpeaking, Drobebox are notable startups with remarkable tractions.  

For 2021, VIISA will focus on directly investing in startups from Pre-Seed to Seed stage, opening opportunities for founders to meet and exchange expertise with experts, fund support and other business services. With that orientation, in the first quarter of this year, VIISA has been investing in startups in the Fintech and Financial Solution segments.

About VIISA: Established in January 2017 by FPT Ventures and Dragon Capital, VIISA is an innovative startup investment fund that seeks and supports startups with great growth potential. With the newly launched business model, any founder can meet with the VIISA team to discuss and improve the business model, receive support in technology, business partners, investment in capital and help to raise capital in the next round.