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How to get the most out of your Acceleration?

This blog is dedicated to the startups that want to get the most out of their startups joining VIISA Acceleration Program.

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One might think that from being accepted to participate in the accelerator program it is a clear way for the startups to succeed. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that, but we are here to help you so you can maximize your experience and that you can learn as much as possible during the 12 week period of VIISA Acceleration Program.

The startups that are participating in the process must accept and do the best they can to follow the schedule, that was put together by successful investors and mentors. It is important, that startups come prepared, so they can start quality work as soon as possible, and that they can pick up the pace in order to get the maximum out of the program.

In this blog we will share some of our tips to create your stay more valuable and efficient during the time of your life, kickstarting your business. 

#1 Come here with a Student Mindset

In this world, we are all students, we are learning through our experiences all the time. Now it is time to fasten your seatbelts and learn fast! In the next 12 weeks of the program, you will be participating in training, workshops to bring out the best of you and your startup. To create a great company, the Founder has to be coachable and open to learn. 

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You will learn about new perspectives of entrepreneurship. If you can follow up with the pace, you will be on track to lead your business in the right way, by developing leadership qualities. You always need to know that you will have to put in the hours, and work hard for your success, so learn everything that you can, to make your work more efficient.

#2 Focus on creating Momentum

Momentum or traction is one of the most valuable assets that a startup can have. By creating business traction, new companies can attract potential investors and gain a competitive edge in their industry. We want to help you to come out of our 12-week Acceleration Program with the traction that you need to grow your business.

In Order to get accepted to the VIISA Accelerator Program, you need to have a fully-working product, or at least a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). If you invested time and money into creating a great product, you can right away set off to the evolution of your product in the Acceleration phase, thus having a firm ground to start from is important.  

Expect to put in more hours into pushing your business. At first, even if you have a great product it will not sell itself fast. In the program, you need to focus on giving it a push, talking to customers, developing new funnels, cold emails, all of that.

#3 Use your resources right 

We provide you with assets that will help you to grow your business, now it is your time to take advantage of that!

One of the greatest things about joining an Accelerator Program is that they provide you with the thing you just need. You can get access to funding, networking connections, in-kind services, mentors and much more. VIISA is here for your support, and we provide you on insights to use these services for your growth. You need to prepare and be ready to make use of and work on implementing useful services like AWS, Google Cloud, Hubspot, Payoo and more what VIISA is offering to you.

One of the most useful assets that a Startup Accelerator can provide you is Connections. You have to be willing to go and talk to people, make connections that could thrive your business. Whenever you got the chance for networking and meeting with new people, network. Be ready for making your own connections.

#4 Get ready for investments and after-work

In the program is your time to make your business to shine. After finishing the program, you will have the traction to grow your business. Our graduate's community and follow-up procedures are designed to help you after your graduation as well.

We get you ready to pitch to investors on Investment Day. After finishing the program VIISA also offers Follow-on Investment to promising startups. Our graduates like WeFit, WisePass, Urbox secured follow-on investment as well. Make sure to come into VIISA Acceleration Program with the mindset that you after finishing the program still strive to be successful, and you are willing to put in the after-work.

This is going to be an amazing ride, and we are all looking forward to our new talents!

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