• Our Contributions

    What we offer

  • Funding

    Teams will receive

    • Up to $15,000 in cash
    • In-kind services including cloud servers, office space, and other resources during the course of the acceleration program

    In exchange for transferable equity.



    Extensive Mentorship

    Receive guidance and support from over 150+ global entrepreneurs, investors, community leaders, and corporate partners.


    Over US$100,000 worth of technical resources, access to IT consultancy, bank accounts and administration, accounting services and more.

    Follow-on Funding

    Promising graduates will be able to get follow-on funding of up to $200,000 from VIISA, should they secure a new round of funding.

    Corporate Networks

    Our corporate partners can help you get in front of businesses and key decision makers.


    Overseas Expansion

    Start-ups will be given assistance to expand their businesses, whether it's South Korea or Singapore.

  • Our Accelerator Program

    VIISA runs a 4-month limited duration program that culminates in an Investment Day.


    Shortlisted teams will undergo a 4-week online program with our startup coaches. They will be introduced to our lean startup program, startup kit and tools.

    3-Month On-Site Program

    Teams will join us in Ho Chi Minh City for the 3-month program. VIISA gets you from idea to investment in 100 days.

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