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VIISA's investment in SHub - a Vietnamese edTech startup


VIISA is glad to announce our latest investment in a EdTech startup named SHub, an online teaching, learning solutions for classroom management.

“Besides the online training solution that is close to traditional training and easy to use, we highly appreciate the feature of assigning, correcting, grading assignments and creating online examinations via SHub. These features help learners and teachers to optimize their time on a learning platform, reducing unnecessary and time-consuming operations.” - Mr. Hieu Vo, Board Member at VIISA said.

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SHub's solutions

Currently, SHub has more than 200 school partners, more than 100.000 teachers, and more than 3 millions users who are students. Nguyen Dang An, Founder and CEO of SHub,  shared that SHub is the fruitful result of a group of university friends after a passionate journey creating viable platforms to serve his studying at school. SHub was established when the whole team went through all levels of education in the traditional education system, thus, the team soon understood the benefits and potential of online education.

With a vision to make online learning a basic life necessity and make online teaching profession become a high-income career, An believed that VIISA's companionship has given the team more motivation to improve the platform. “I approached a lot of funds, but decided to connect to VIISA because of the directions that the fund has given. Instead of looking at the team background, VIISA spent a lot of time discussing and understanding what SHub has been and is doing. Our young SHub team really appreciates that.” - added by An.

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Team SHub

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has accelerated digital transformation in the education market in Vietnam. With more than 70% of the population using the Internet, users are mainly young people with high learning needs, spending on education accounts for 5.8% of GDP and 20% of total budget expenditure, Vietnam is considered a market potential field to develop E-learning. The motto of harmonious development of solutions for online education among teachers, training centers, students and parents of SHub is expected to help the company prove its core value with the local learning market. Over the next year, SHub plans to enhance both the quantity and quality of its online classes, working with top teachers to deliver a perfect combination of technology, teaching methods, and pedagogical style. 

“With this investment, I hope that SHub can help the online education market in Vietnam achieve 2 goals in the short term. The first goal is to speed up digital transformation in small and medium-sized teaching and exam preparation centers. The second one is to reduce the total time required to interact among the sub-objects involved in the classroom such as schools, centers and parents.” - Mr. Hieu commented.

With a fully flexible approach based on each startup’s potential and needs, we open opportunities for founders to meet and exchange expertise with experts, fund support, and other business services to help take their business to the next level.  

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