X-periment X-ccelerate X-traordinary

    4 Weeks Pre-Accelerator

    Mission of VIISA-X

    The Mission of VIISA-X is to educate young and aspiring entrepreneur in Vietnam on how to run a startup effectively and efficiency.

    AS VIISA being the top accelerator in Vietnam, we have a huge channel of network,

    many successful and experience mentors.

    We will use these resources to guide and nurture young entrepreneur.

    Accelerate startups to above and beyond.

    Week 1 - Introduction

    The First Stepping Stone


    We will introduce the meaning and importance of running lean in a startup environment. In addition, we will show you an insight of VIISA set-up operation as this operation allow us to be the top accelerator in Vietnam. Sketching a lean canvas will give you a wide scope of your startup direction.


    Week 2 - In-Depth

    The right stepping stone


    Going deeper into running lean. We will show you the type of experiment you can run to test the feasibility of your product. Choose the right experiment that best suits your product. The three stages of start-up will be illustrated in a chronological order. Furthermore, we will teach you how to construct a good MVP. Discovering your customer and how to receive constructive feedback through the right way of interviewing.


    Week 3 - Adaptation

    The Leap Of Faith

    Adapting to running lean and using VIISA’s OKRS system. Who are your early adopters? We will show you how to identify them with different methods. Furthermore, we will provide an in-depth guidance of our OKRS system which we use during our main accelerator program. Financial modelling and budgeting are important for any business which will be taught.



    Week 4 - Measurement


    Final step is to reflect on your accomplishment and learning. Growth projection will be the final part of accelerating which is important for every startup which we will give you the most experience guidance on. We will assess your startup at the end of the pre-accelerator program and advise you on your future journey.



    This is just the beginning, the hardest part have just begun


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