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The Afterlife of the Startups

What happens when graduating from the Accelerator Program?

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To be selected in a Startup Accelerator program is a great privilege, and one should be celebrating to have the chance to work with mentors on developing their businesses. The team learns a lot of applicable knowledge to work with. As the Program comes to an end Startups have to use their gained knowledge to drive their businesses. Only after the Program finishes does the real game of success (or failure) starts.

There is although one thing that is really useful for your startups afterlife, and that is follow-on. Even after graduating from VIISA Accelerator Program, our members will be there to help you in a whole lot of areas, most importantly in raising capital as well. Promising startups can even secure Follow-on Investment from VIISA itself.

“Since building a large tech company typically requires millions of dollars, the availability of follow-on financing is a crucial element of any tech ecosystem. And while there are startups that become profitable businesses after having only raised a seed round, those are exceptions, and almost every tech startup that raises a seed round aspires to raise a Series A round 12–24 months later.”

We want to show you the cooperation we had with our previous Batch graduates, their achievements, fundraising successes and the afterlife of the program. As the promising startups are able to get a follow-on funding of up to $200,000 from VIISA when they secure a new round of funding from other investors.

Our cooperation with these startups after graduation has been strong as we invite them to other events to share their passion with investors. 

UrBox was launched in late 2017, and it is a digital gifting & loyalty platform that helps businesses integrate their reward or loyalty program with an ever-growing network of national and international gift suppliers/merchants. Customers can receive the gift voucher instantly, store it on their phone and redeem right away at both offline and online store. To date, UrBox said that it has expanded their gifting acceptance with merchant network of hundreds of lifestyles brands and nearly 3,000 outlets across Vietnam, ranging from Dining & Drinking, Shopping, to Online. UrBox claimed to be serving more than 30 top corporates in different sectors from banking, telco, insurance to tech companies.

Urbox joined Batch 3 of VIISA Acceleration program. In 2019 March UrBox secured a Seed-Stage round of investment lead by VinaCapital Ventures. VIISA as well funded the company with its follow-on investment.

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WisePass is a subscription-based lifestyle startup that has raised $400K in seed funding. The Singaporean based company was founded by an ex-Google and its aim is to solve a critical problem, which is to apply performance marketing for brands selling offline in the HORECA segment ( Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe). It’s a win-win for both restaurants, customers and for WisePass; as the venues get traffic and sales for free while WisePass members get to discover new venues or come back to their favorite places. 

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WisePass graduated Our Batch 1 Program in 2017. The app by now (2019) provides 300+ Venues, where customers can enjoy their spirits and or beverages. It is already present in 4 cities, 3 countries.

WeFit is a fitness platform, that helps to connect sport and workout enthusiasts with fitness studios, and outstanding experiences in Vietnam.

WeFit is a startup that was founded in 2016 and joined Batch 1 of VIISA Acceleration Program. With the successful startup, CEO Khoi Nguyen, become one of the Forbes List of 30 under 30 in Vietnam. At the end of 2017 - the company raised $155,000 in a new investment round led by homegrown venture capital firm ESP Capital. VIISA graduate as well as secured investment as follow-on funding by VIISA itself.

In January 2019 WeFit has successfully raised US$1 Million in another round of funding as pre-Series A. Japan’s CyberAgent Capital, the Republic of Korea’s KBInvest and undisclosed angel investors invested into the Vietnamese startup. According to WeFit’s founder and CEO Nguyen Khoi, the funding raised will be used for new product development as well as to expand to a new market. The firm indicated it expects to have a million users signed up and to raise its Series A round in 2019.

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Finally, in this July, WeFit also announced the launch of WeJoy and application WeWow. WeFit and WeJoy are two sub-products of mega-application WeWow. WeWow will be a one-stop-shop for lifestyle: their users will be able to update and experience the newest trends of fitness, beauty, and wellness, with ease and with convenience, on one single user-friendly application.

This is going to be an amazing ride, and we are all looking forward to our new talents!

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