• Our "Accelerated" Startups

    "For 2020, we are looking at even harder problems to solve, and the impactful startups that come with them."

    Tran Huu Duc, CEO of VIISA

  • Batch 8

    Class of September 2020

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    Doctor Bear is a health platform for patients with chronic diseases. The mobile app enables users to consult with specialised doctors via video calls and offers various test packages according to the treatment plan.

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    Drobebox is a disruptive fashion tech startup that offers a clothing subscription service for women. Subscribers can truly unlock their dream closet without buying, maintaining, cleaning by using DrobeBox's packaged and decide to own any item they love after fitting.

  • Batch 7

    Class of March 2020

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    Ask Locals is a travel tech startup which focuses on tourist mapping services. Its mapping platform integrates the beauty of Traditional Paper Maps with the technology of Online Map Infrastructure to provide authentic experiences for independent travelers.

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    Gring is an employee training platform for corporates of different industries and sizes. Gring has 5 key components: a mobile app, a content recreation mechanism, an interactive internal community, a management system with automated testing and reporting and an external resources library, all enable Gring to solve and serve complex corporate training needs.

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    Medigo is a med-tech startup driven by the mission to provide remote healthcare 24/7 with top-notch quality for everyone. The users can upload doctor’s prescriptions, search for pharmacies, be advised by pharmacists and have medicine quickly delivered to their doorstep.

  • Batch 6

    Class of September 2019

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    TripHunter is an automatic Trip Planning Platform for Free Independent Travelers to build their personalized itineraries in minutes and book all-in-one.

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    EcomEasy Asia

    ECE's integrated capabilities encompass all aspects of the E-commerce value chain covering IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, customer services, warehousing and fulfillment.

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    BeeKrowd is an equity crowdfunding platform that supports startups on fundraising and makes the privilege of investing in startup come true for small investors.

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    BoxShop is a tech-driven O2O platform for fashion helping emerging local brands to display and sale design clothing in inspired boutiques.

  • Batch 5

    Class of April 2019

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    By leveraging mobile connectivity, Loglag connects drivers and fleet owners to cargos and customers in order to make the logistics and transportation industry in Vietnam more accessible.

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    A one-stop shop marketplace, VDES connects event venues and event suppliers to customers in the simplest way.

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    SaveMoney provides a full insurance service provider who combines an innovative insurance platform technology with high-quality brokerage advisory.

  • Batch 4

    Class of September 2018

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    SecurityBox supports enterprises/organizations to have an overview of the cyber security problems, then offer optimal solutions to overcome all risks and problems.

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    A mobile/web-based map platform, Goong helps you to quickly reach places, facilitates the process of going out with your friends as well as keeping track of your loved ones.

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    A platform to help physical stores measuring the customer journey via data analysis and optimization and driving their business growth.

  • Batch 3

    Class of April 2018

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    Agency focused on developing privileges program across all lifestyle angles digitally via platform of e-vouchers and loyalty.

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    A meal plan delivery service that focuses on making healthy-eating easy and more accessible in Vietnam.

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    Easy to grow micro-greens kit that turns anyone into a gardener + social media aspect.

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    Goalify Chat

    An application for communicating and it will make your team work in an efficient flow, Goalify Chat makes your ideas sharing and decisions making a lot smoother.

  • Batch 2

    Class of October 2017

    Universities Placements Agency Education Tertiary

    Ella Study


    Online platform connecting Vietnamese students with alumni for overseas universities placement consultations.

    Smart Home Smart City E-solutions



    Building e-solutions for apartment and building management.

    AI Messaging Emoji Emoticons


    South Korea

    Third-party smart AI that helps reads emotions and converts text to stickers.

    Saigoneer Hanoieer VIISA



    Provide local brands with a rare and trustworthy platform to share their narratives and services with unique and highly desirable audience.

    Sports Football Basketball VIISA Wesport



    Connecting sports enthusiasts with sports facilities.

    anti-counterfeit Authentic Guards

    Authentic Guards


    Protecting brands against counterfeit products using proprietary technology.

    CID Video Car platform VIISA Korea

    CID Auto

    South Korea

    Video-first mobile car sales platform.

    Dental Solutions Dentists SAAS



    Cloud-based software-as-a-service for dental practices.

    Sustainable Protein Cricket Superfood Vietnam

    Cricket One


    Feeding the world with sustainable protein using proprietary IoT technology.

    HR Interviews



    Online platform to train jobseekers with professional development.

    On demand concierge Butler service



    On-demand concierge delivery service that takes you from order to delivery.

  • Batch 1

    Class of April 2017

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    A mobile app with a subscription plan. For 6 million VND per month, members get to enjoy a bottle of spirits or wine, every single night, at quality bars and restaurants.

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    A mobile app that provides you with access to more than 100 gyms and fitness classes with their monthly subscription plan.

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    A mobile app that allows you to list, discover and buy things from people around you quickly, reliably and securely.

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    SAAS that helps online sellers optimize visual merchandising through their product analysis platform.

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    A mobile app that helps motorists discover and book repairs and service from reliable workshops through their mobile app.

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    A legal platform that helps companies and individuals get legal advice and help through a prepaid package and a toll-free number.

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    Butterfly Hub

    Transforming beauty through data science, computer vision and AI. Users find fashion and get the latest haircut for that best matches their looks.