• VIISA is looking for potential early stage Vietnamese startups

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    Teams will receive

    • Up to $15,000 in cash
    • In-kind services including cloud servers, office space, and other resources during the course of the acceleration program

    In exchange for transferable equity.



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    Extensive Mentorship

    Receive guidance and support from over 150+ global entrepreneurs, investors, community leaders, and corporate partners.

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    Over US$100,000 worth of technical resources, access to IT consultancy, bank accounts and administration, accounting services and more.

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    Follow-on Funding

    Promising graduates will be able to get follow-on funding of up to $200,000 from VIISA, should they secure a new round of funding.

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    Corporate Networks

    Our corporate partners can help you get in front of businesses and key decision makers.


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    Overseas Expansion

    Start-ups will be given assistance to expand their businesses, whether it's South Korea or Singapore.

  • Our Acceleration Program

    VIISA runs a 3-month limited duration program that culminates in an Investment Day.

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    3-Month On-Site Program

    Teams will join us in Ho Chi Minh City for the 3-month program. VIISA gets you from idea to investment in 100 days.

  • Feedback from startups

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    Lam Tran - CEO of WisePass

    Batch 1

    "Thanks to VIISA, WisePass has managed to raise a seed round of 400,000$US in September 2017.


    VIISA has supported WisePass by providing great exposure with their quarterly events and their PR activity among some top tier news outlets in Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia.


    Since the investment, the company has grown 400% in revenue year over year and has expanded over Thailand and Philippines within less than 12 months."

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    Thomas Pham - CEO of PhyPass

    Batch 4

    "I learned about product-market fit. It's difficult to do it right. VIISA's curriculum is the stay of the art.


    The people behind it made me learn very hard. If I have a chance to introduce VIISA program to other people, I will say: "Get ready to work really hard. This is no joke!"

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    Phong Pham - CEO of CyFeer

    Batch 2

    "VIISA is my first new friend in Ho Chi Minh city. My first customer is also from VIISA network.


    We are closing our investment round, and the one that stays very close to us is VIISA. VIISA plays an important role to help founders settle down the business, grow the business and know the right person that benefits to startups."

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    Long Nghiem - CEO of GOONG

    Batch 4

    "Before participating in VIISA program, we focused on B2C (business-to-customer) model, but we could not find the monetization plan. We thought about changing model to B2B (business-to-business). However, we could not find customers.


    Joining VIISA Acceleration Program, it was very beneficial to GOONG when not also having VIISA as a strategic partner, but also the network of partners that VIISA introduced to us, help us a lot in clearing the direction ahead and proving product-market fit!"

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    Minh Bui - CEO of SecurityBox

    Batch 4

    "Fundraising is a difficult topic. I learn how to fundraising strategy, how to tell a story about my company to investors from thanks to VIISA program.


    Want to build a scalable and fundable business, you should join VIISA program."

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