• About Us

    Vietnam Innovative Startups Accelerator (VIISA) is a business acceleration program

    and a seed-stage investment holding that invests to build global-ready startups in Vietnam.


    With a fast-growing middle class, increasing digital penetration, deep technological

    talent pool in Vietnam, we believe entrepreneurs can take advantage of these opportunities

    and change the world starting from Vietnam.


    VIISA is powered by

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  • The VIISA Economy

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  • Our Program

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    Shortlisted Startups will be invited to participate in VIISA's pre-acceleration program.


    The shortlisted teams will dive into customer discovery, and validate assumptions and prove problem-solution fit.


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    VIISA will make a final assessment of the teams before shortlisting the successful companies to attend the acceleration program located in Ho Chi Minh City.


    Startups will work on vision setting, learning to pitch, learning about legal matters and building their minimum viable product.

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    Startups will be working on their Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Pirate Metrics, learning about B2C/B2B sales, user testing and research.


    Most importantly, startups will focus on learning the techniques for user testing and research, in order to strategize for their future growth plans.

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    Startups will test the traction channels for growth, learn to build their brand and about fundraising mechanics, and prepare for their final Demo Day.

  • Our Partners

    Dragon Capital

    Strategic Enterprise Partner via expertise in financing and investment and corporate network

    FPT Ventures

    Strategic Enterprise Partner via FPT Ventures and corporate network


    Strategic Partner in Coworking Space, Community Building and Engagement

    Amazon Web Services

    Strategic Technolog Partner in through AWS Portfolio Plus program and technical mentorship

    Asia Counsel

    Strategic Legal Partner via practical and commercial legal services

    Google Cloud Platform

    Startup Partner in Cloud Server and Enterprise Solutions, through Google Cloud for Startups program

    Holistics Software

    Startup Partner in Cloud-based Business Intelligence & Data Analytics through Holistics Power-Up


    Startup Partner in Customer Satisfaction, through Zendesk Startup Program


    Startup Partner in Mapping Technologies, through Mapbox Developer Program

    HubSpot for Startups

    Startup Partner in Dedicated Sales and Marketing, and Customer Service Softwares

    Startup Grind Vietnam

    Ecosystem Partner in Startup Events through community-engaging activities


    Startup Partner in Cloud Server and Enterprise Solutions, through DigitalOcean HATCH!


    Corporate Partner in E-payment through dedicated payment package

    Amadeus NEXT

    Ecosystem Partner in Travel & Tourism industry, through Amadeus NEXT program

    Amadeus NEXT

    Ecosystem Partner in PR & Communication

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    Market Access Acceleration

    We help you expand your startup in Vietnam with our market access program.

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    Talks and Workshops

    We conduct programs for universities, corporations, government agencies on entrepreneurship, design-thinking, lean startup and more.

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    Community Involvement

    We co-host events with different organizations to share about our personal insights on the Vietnam startup scene.

  • Connect With Us

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